How can Drupal be an impeccable solution for mobile-friendly websites?

Businesses would love to gear up for Drupal platform knowing the grand features, facilities and solutions it provides. There are amazing line of opportunities for customers to choose your products and services based on what you offer on your website and how customers feel using your website features.
Consumers often browse on their mobile websites in their free moments, which shows that having mobile-friendly website does give your business the sharp edge over other rivals.

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We all seek convenience in whatever we do, and technology takes care of everything about it. Convenience-crazy consumers therefore go to their mobile handset to search their favorite products.
Seeing this demand from customers, to grow your online business, you need to build a responsive website that supports all the aspects of fully fledged website.

Drupal above all furnishes the fundamentals of mobile-compatible website, which is the reason why developer enthusiastically recommend Drupal platform. It works equally well with Android, iPad, iPhone and Blackberry and other popular operating system.
All the versions of Drupal are made with the idea of improving mobile experience in mind. Take the latest Drupa 8. Its themes are architecture to meet the mobile compatibility needs.

This is what the latest of Drupal has bestowed upon the website owners:

  • User-friendly themes and templates
  • Simplicity and ease to develop mobile apps
  • Enhanced security to protect against malicious threats and risks
  • Power of extensions and modules to create feature-rich mobile website

Drupal has given major advantage to developers so to create mobile websites. Drupal development specialists can use these exclusive tools:

  • The mobile tool module allows users to browse website using the mobile version and inform them about its availability
  • Drupal Gap tool helps developers make Drupal mobile apps with multiplatform idea in the center
  • Drupal gives developers freedom to use breakpoints modules to modify and personalize breakpoints so that they can make changes to mobile screen, fonts, layout and everything related to design for optimized viewing
  • Administrators find it easy to optimize images for various devices and resolutions. Thanks to Drupal’s picture module, they can pair image styles with CSS media queries.
  • Drupal’s theme building module Mobile Theme is a fantastic one that allows users to select a different theme to appear on mobile devices. It also offers Mobile specific themes exclusively designed for mobile.

Even migration from Wordpress CMS to Drupal or from previous version of Drupal to the latest is something you can think of in order to enjoy the unique business-oriented benefits offered by the Drupal technology.

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