10 common tips to boost the chances of high conversion

Increase in site visitors is the foremost aim of most of the eCommerce strategies, which could be done by SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, PPC ads and traditional advertising methods. All this funnels into the conversion of visitors into customers once they’ve visited your site.
When the conversion rates are at low level, it becomes difficult to sustain a business. So, you need to address the hindrance in conversion funnel. The profit all gained is based on the conversion rates and so it focuses on optimizing the conversion rates.
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You can follow 10 simple measures to improve your conversion rates:

1. Improve the copy

eCommerce copy is not an easy job and requires a very appreciative writing skill. You can improve your copy by considering the following:

  • Make more usage of passive language as it is appropriate to avoid casting blame.
  • Do not forget to include call-to-action. It indirectly means “asking for the sale.”
  • Always proceed with benefits as it is the only thing the customers are concerned about.

2. Use images effectively

Though images are proved to improve sales, they can also sometimes lead to sliding down of conversion rates. You first need to analyze the minds of the customers and know what they want. And you can put that in our image thus increase your sales.

3. Leverage Videos

You have to use videos very wisely as not all users can gain access to videos like the Apple users do not have Adobe Flash support in their devices. Adding to this, video needs good amount of bandwidth.
You can use videos in the best ways like:
  • Always add product description along with the video. Few people who have no mood to watch the video can get aware by the product description.
  • Use video like you use images like showing the product in use.
  • While you use videos, do not forget to use split-testing or A/B testing.

4. Split Test Everything

You may use split-testing where you create landing pages with some minor modifications in order to evaluate the effectiveness of that modifications. It is the only way to know what will work and what won’t.
LeadPages and Google Analytics are one of the tools that provide A/B testing.

5. Capture the “Almost” Conversions

Cart abandonment often relates to customers dropping things in cart and later simply surf the web without finalizing things. This is sometimes due to flaw in design.
To overcome this, you can utilize the techniques to retrieve the customers who abandon your online shopping cart.
Another technique is ad retargeting. Retargeting is something in which retailer uses a PPC ad or Facebook ads to view previous visitors an ad for the site. This leads to the visitors viewing the ad on Facebook or on other AdSense websites they visit and are reminded to buy the product.
Introducing Live Chat can also be fruitful as it allows the customers to ask their doubts directly about their purchase and it can also help to troubleshoot any technical problems during the checkout process.

6. Give social proof

Influence of your online store on real people and influencers can be executed by social proof. The psychology of customers can be scrutinized by Social proof.
  • For eCommerce website, the below points are recommended the social proof:
  • Online reviews and ratings
  • Text, image and video testimonials from customers/ influencers/ celebrities
  • Numbers and statistics
  • Trusted by signs/ descriptions

7. Simplify guest checkout

eCommerce has the strategy to make the customers sign up prior to their completion of purchase. Some customers come in hurry and the signing up process becomes a hindrance to them and here is the place where guest checkout comes in action.
You can make your cart abandonment ratio steep down by providing guest checkout with a few steps. Go for an advanced shopping cart where the customer will be provided with all the information through their email and you can keep a record of their transaction. ThinkGeek is one of its examples.

8. Combine value with urgency

It is a basic human nature that they can’t withstand losses on offers. Because of this, urgency with value is a great tool to improve your conversion. In such situation, real urgency and implied urgency can be your powerful weapons.
The following are the recommended options to create urgency among the customers:
  • Scarcity of stocks (only 4 pieces left)
  • Size scarcity (only 10 left in ‘L’ size)
  • Limited time offer
  • Limited time shipping (purchase before 12 am for free shipping)
  • Other customers looking for the purchase.
It is important to note that one must not overdo with the options for urgency. Like conversion rate optimization, urgency is also the task of a skilful person that can yield great result if utilized in optimum state.

9. Highlight returns and refunds

When customers are finished with the checkout process, the next question that arises in their minds is ‘what if they are not satisfied with the product they ordered?’ To give an answer to this, you can highlight your return and refund policy so the customers can take a sigh of relief.
Return and refund policy ensures the security of customers money and so it can convert many visitors into customers.

10. Upsell and cross-sell

Upselling and cross-selling refers to providing the customers with items that are complimentary to what they have already bought. This can encourage the customer to buy complimentary products that can make their main product work efficiently.
It is found that upselling is 20 times more effective than cross-selling but make sure that you focus on customer experience and not on increasing your product sales.


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