Facebook may introduce ads in Messenger soon

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So, we’ve been hearing how Facebook will let businesses communicate with their customers via its messaging app. Now, a new report suggests that the company may also let businesses push ads via Messenger.

A leaked document with a verified source, procured by Techcrunch, reveals that businesses should be able to send ads as messages to people involved in a chat thread with that company. The report also adds that businesses could start interacting or creating threads with people now, so that they can push advertisements once the product launches.

Facebook has been tight lipped about the matter and on asking told the news site, “Our aim with Messenger is to create a high quality, engaging experience for 800 million people around the world, and that includes ensuring people do not experience unwanted messages of any type.”

The further reveals that a URL short link fb.com/msg/ has been created to instantly open the chat thread with a business, and its existence has been confirmed by Facebook. This adds some validity to the possibility of ads via Messengers to be on its way.

It is still unclear what form of ads we will see. However, we can expect Facebook to make some big announcements for its messenger platform at the F8 conference to be held in April.

Facebook’s Messenger app surpassed 800 million users, making it the fastest-growing app of 2015, according to research firm Nielsen. The means Messenger, which Facebook created as a standalone app in 2014, has more active monthly users than rivals Snapchat and Viber.

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